Austin McBroom, a 27-year-old member of the ACE family, is the husband of 29-year-old Catherine Paiz and the father of their young daughters. The ACE Family has over 17 million subscribers on its child-friendly YouTube channel. They reportedly sued another YouTuber, Cole Carrigan, for extortion after Carrigan reported that McBroom had raped one of his friends.

Cole Carrigan, the former Team 10 member, posted a video that accused Austin McBroom and two others of raping his friends at a hotel in Miami. In the video, Carrigan included a screenshot of the texts, the statement of one of the alleged victims, and a picture of the bloody bedsheets from the day of the alleged rape.

Austin responded with a denial tweet and screenshot of the victim’s text message from her Instagram that said that Carrigan made up the story to have the ACE family to pay him for the victims to stay quiet.

Carrigan reported that the ACE family had paid YouTuber Keemstar $500,000 in controversy in order not to reveal rumors about them. Keemstar responded by saying he was being sarcastic and Carrigan did not show the entire message in which he clearly states that.

On 16th October 2019, McBroom tweeted a screenshot of a Word doc stating that he and his family are going to take legal action for extortion, although it does not specifically state toward him. Carrigan did not publicly react to the backlash. Austin is often the target of betting on rumors. The most recent one was in July when women alleged that Austin had forced them to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreements) after hooking up.