In the circle of life, there will be different roles you have to play, different unbearable circumstances you have to go through and more evenly deal with a little too many paranoid people requiring you to get along with.

These unfruitful events will help you surface the reality that it was true when stated that LIFE is NOT a BED OF ROSES.

You will scratch your head, bite your tongue and question your heart as to what should I do to make these not so favorable circumstances of my own accord.

The questions to all these what-ifs (be more understanding, positive, smart, more oriented) are simple i.e ACCEPTANCE.

Yes, acceptance to life hardships and failures has been the first step to revolutionize change.

A few benefits to adopting this equation would be:

  • You are in the present stage of mind hence more active in action.
  • Your power is definitely within you t
  • You grasp, understand, react and transform all that life throws at you. You get to choose your emotional reactors and have the ability to built a NO nonsense attitude from others.
  • Lastly, you make life easier by trusting the sovereign being, and with trust, you gain confidence and determination to move ahead.

Concluding, this could seem a very naive or simple thing to do but to this day it has caused millionaires and powerful successors to lose their grip on life,i.e lacking acceptance to live’s atrocities or surprising pleasures.