It has been reported by various schools that the basic demands of controlling themselves, paying attention and sitting are not met by children. A huge number of children are being placed in special education programs. Addictions seem to arise in these children and some of them even belong from such families where ample love is provided to children.

At the same time, among adults, the incidence of clinical depression is rising. In today’s world, criteria for some of the depression are met by almost 20% of the population and difficulties regarding functioning in life are faced by such people. One of the major reasons found behind child addiction despite having a loving family has been the stress-full life lived by parents of such families.

The stress could be driven from outside circumstances like political disruption or economic pressure. The childhood histories of parents have been the most frequent sources of hidden stress which also makes them unaware of what they might pass to their children. Great difficulties are faced by depressed, anxious or stressed parents in initiating endorphin-liberating, emotionally rewards and healthy interactions with children, and a hit of heroin may be perceived as a ‘soft and warm hug’ later in life by such children. A huge number of people in the community are suffering from depression and such depressed and stressed parents make it necessary to understand the connection between children’s behavior and adult depression.  

According to various child therapists, it has been found that if parents are depressed or in stress, it imposes significant effects on their children. Children react to depression carried by their parents; although some parents feel such behavior within children occurs may be children themselves are distressed. Extreme cases have also been found where children depicting such behavior have been expelled from their homes. Such children either have run away from their homes or have been handed over to other relatives by their own parents.

Parents need to understand the fact that such behavior within their children is due to their own behavior and they need to pay attention to them and enforce certain rules within their houses. In reality, it is never realized by parents that they themselves are quite depressed. Although the depression factor cannot be treated successfully, but in order to improve their children’s behavior, parents have to be consistent and firm, have to set limits and have to pay attention towards them.