This story is about the progression of unfortunate occasions that causes an extreme change in an individual’s life to improve things. How could great originate from awful? How might anything be classified “awful” until the remainder of our past luck has gotten an opportunity to play out?

The arbitrary way in which the world seems to work can abnormally make every part of your life interconnect in manners you never imagined. Sometimes when you consider what your life would be like if just a certain event hadn’t occurred, or if you had made an alternate choice, you can’t envision the various parts of life that would have been influenced.

The short energized story “The Nova Effect” by The Pursuit of Wonder recounts to the tale of a man named Eric who lost his dog Nova to a wild rabbit while they were out strolling. Following a couple of days, a beautiful lady named Vanessa brought Nova back. Eric and Vanessa fell for one another and in the end turned into a genuine couple.

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One day while heading to get Vanessa, Eric got into a car accident. He was taken to the hospital and went through a CT scan. The doctor revealed to Eric that he didn’t experience any injury from the accident, however, they found a small tumor in his brain. The tumor was in its beginning stage and could be treated. Without the mishap, Eric may have not known about the tumor until it was deadly.

While Eric has had a lot of misfortune, he also appreciated a lot of good luck came with it, exhibiting the inconceivably arbitrary nature of luck. This theory is much similar to the way of thinking of Alan Watts, who once expressed that it’s difficult to decide whether the result of any circumstance will be fortunate or unfortunate until the future is completely grasped.