Those who tune in to YouTube videos from Adi Fishman may have the impression that making content on the site is all fun and games. Fishman has created a community characterized by lighthearted, trendy content: pranks on his sibling (who is Tal Fishman, founder of the massive Reaction Time channel) and girlfriend many, many contests, and collaboration with friends such as Infinite and other creative collective members of Free Time. But the result of a lot of hard work behind the scenes, says Fishman, is what seems easy-breezy on the surface.

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YouTube is a full-time job for the creator who is 19. He uploads at least two videos a week, and sometimes in a period of seven days, he puts up as many as six. His videos often involve topics and challenges that are popular on YouTube at the time— which, says Fishman, is the result of constantly tracking what’s going on in the platform and adjusting its content strategy to match. His artistic philosophy is that YouTube is constantly changing, and producers who aren’t fleetfooted can be left in the dust as audiences move on to new trends.

Fishman’s strategy has worked for him: he has collected more than one million subscribers on YouTube in a little over a year (where he networks an average of about 10 M views per month), as well as 454 K on Instagram and 55.6 K on Twitter.