Coronavirus is something that never has been encountered by any country. It indeed belongs to the coronavirus family. It has originated from animals similar to other types of coronaviruses. Many of those who are suffering from it are the ones that have shopped frequently or work in the seafood wholesale market of Huanan located in the center of the Chinese city. The wholesale market was also famous for selling newly slaughtered and live animals. In animal hosts, the troubling and new viruses have originated usually. Some of other examples are flu and ebola.

Coronaviruses that have originated from animals are more like MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Although MERS is transmitted from Arabian camels to humans. SARS virtually spread to 37 countries in 2002, killing more than 750 people, infecting more than 8,000 individuals and causing international panic. Whereas, MERS appeared to pass less easily from human to human, but had huge lethality, infecting 2,500 individuals and killing 35% of people.

Pneumonia is caused by the coronavirus. Those who have infected from it have reported the symptoms such as difficulties in breathing, fever, and coughs. The possibility of organ failure is also present in severe cases. Antibiotics cannot cure it, as it is viral pneumonia. Such kind of virus cannot be treated from the regular antiviral drugs given for flue. Additional support for fluids, organs, as well as, lungs may be required by those infected individuals admitted to the hospital. The time of recovery depends upon the strength of the immune system of the infected individual. Many of those who have died due to this were mostly the ones who already had poor health. The national health commission of China has also confirmed that it can be transferred from one human to another.