The American Civil War was initiated due to a lot of causes. One of the key causes of the war mostly cited is slavery, whereas, other causes were cultural and political differences amongst the South and North was contributed certainly.

A divide amongst the South and the North has been created by some of these differences due to which the Civil War resulted. One of the biggest causes was farming versus industry. The economies of various Northern states moved to the industry from farming in the mid-1880s. In the North, a lot of individuals lived and worked in huge cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. However, a huge farming economy was maintained by the Southern states and slave labor was the biggest factor on which this economy was based. While slaves were no needed longer by the North. Whereas, the South was heavily dependent upon slaves.

Another major cause was the rights of the States. The idea of the rights of states was not new to the Civil War. Since arguments related to how much power has been maintained by the states versus how much power must behold by the federal government were highlighted by the Constitution. It was also felt by the Southern States that powers and rights were taken away by the Federal government.

Another major cause was expansion. As continuous expansion was made to Westward by the United States. The power amongst the South and the North was shifted by each new state added to the country. It was also feared by the southern States that power will also be lost by them along with their rights. A battleground emerged from each new state amongst the two sides for power.