Tana Mongeau is revealed as a racist by a formal TRASH member (Trash was a collab channel formed by Tana Mongeau) Kahlen Barry. Kahlen Barry made a video accusing Tana Mongeau and her manager Jordan Worona of having microaggression tendencies. This video made by Kahlen Barry is a fundraiser for ‘Black Lives Matters’. 

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In the video, he stated that he tried to have this conversation with Tana Mongeau in private, and she did not bother. He also reached out to Tana on Twitter, and she did not say anything regarding the “Black lives matter movement” for four days.

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Kahlen Barry states that Tana has a huge following and she could make a change if she wanted too. Furthermore, he also stated that it was hurtful to see her not say anything about the movement especially because of her racist past.

Things he said in the video:

  1. The members of Trash were paid but not for the work they did on the Trash collab channel.  Jordan and Tana have lied about where the money has gone. Tana claims that Jordan has the money and Jordan claims that Tana has the money.
  2. February 2017 Tana got called out by iDubbz for using the N word negatively towards her friend Imari. Tana made a video explaining that she heard the word in songs and she thought it just meant homie or friend. But then in her apology video, she claimed that she did use the word negatively and knowing what it meant. Yet she continued to lie to Kahlen that she did not know what it meant.
  3. Believing Tana he posted a picture with her and after the iDubbz video was out he felt like a fool. People started to troll him and bash him on his socials. This took a huge toll on his mental health. 
  4.  He kept texting Tana about the situation and she continued to not listen to him. While he was emotional, upset about the whole situation, and on a Skype call with his viewers, Tana calls him, screaming at him saying, “What the f*** Kahlen! How can I be racist when my best friend Imari is black? If I was racist why would I have black lives matter as my title on Twitter for months?” While she was screaming at him he made sure to let her know that he was on a Skype call with his viewers. However, she said she did not care and continued to keep screaming at him.
  5. During the call, she kept making him look like a petty person, like a drama queen, and mad about nothing. Using microaggression to make Kahlen look like an angry black person when all he wanted to was talk to her about the situation. The conversation ended on a light note. Tana agreed to work things out calmly, making him feel hopeful about this issue. She also followed a lot the viewers that were on Kahlen’s Skype.
  6. After two days, a member from Trash tells Kahlen that Tana told them that he tried to expose her, tried to set her up, and ruin her career. Making him look like a malicious person, and she never apologized to him. Tana continued to say a lot of things about Kahlen behind his back to the Trash members and other YouTubers making him look like a bad person.
  7. During Playlist Live a YouTuber came to him and told him that Tana was telling him and a lot of other YouTubers that she would never forgive Kahlen for trying to ruin her career. However, she kept coming up to Kahlen and kept being friendly with him.
  8. Here’s a backstory before we dive in on this point. You cannot enter the Playlistlive party unless you are a featured creator or have a friend that can get you in.
    So Kahlen was left alone while everyone went to attend the party without him. He tried to go in the party but he couldn’t because he was not a featured creature. So he turned to the hotel, while on his way he met one of Tana’s friend who told him that Tana told everyone that he got arrested. She wasn’t the only one who told Kahlen this, everyone else who knew him and were in the party asked him told him the same thing.
  9. According to Kahlen, Tana wanted to paint him as an aggressive black boy who cannot handle himself. The next day she apologized saying that Jordan (her manager) messaged her “Police” and she immediately thought Kahlen was the one who got arrested.
  10. After the Playlist incident, Jordan called Kahlen and yelled at him for trying to record Tana on UNow (Keeping in mind that this is a lie Tana made).
  11. A year later he is not talking to Tana and is focused on his studies, taking a break from YouTube his someone sends him a link to Tana Mongeau, Imari Stuart, and Aaron Fuller having a mukbang. They were talking about the collab channel and she says “Oh my God. Remember when Kahlen and me had so much beef. Like when he recorded me on UNow.” Even though that was a lie. This video has four hundred thousand views and she is publically dissing him and making him look bad. She later answers the question “Which person do you hate the most in the collab channel?” and she says Kahlen later trying to laugh it off saying she was joking.
  12. He also says this isn’t the only time Tana has done this with a black person she has also done this with “Simply Nessa”. This incident occurred before Kahlen and Tana issues. When he joined Trash Tana and Jordan both expressed how much they did not like Simply Nessa. Both Tana and Jordan were already spreading rumours and lies about Simply Nessa the same way Tana treated Kahlen.
  13. There was a lot of beef between Simply Nessa and Aaron where she claimed Aaron a social climber. Kahlen backed up Simply Nessa’s claim in his video. During this time Nessa was Tana’s friend while Aaron was a Trash member, and Jordan was Nessa’s manager. Jordan sided Aaron by stating that Nessa was trying to ruin the collab channel, that Nessa was mentally insane, has schizophrenia, other mental illnesses, and told everyone to not trust her. They made her seem like a villain and a problematic person.
  14. Kahlen also says that Tana and Jordan have done this many time and that it has become a pattern. He goes on and tells his viewers another story in which Jordan tries to portray Nessa negatively.