Since the 1950’s deforestation got initiated, efforts to become more environmentally friendly were made by banks. Further, in 1984 the RAN – Rainforest Action Network got initiated by Randy “Hurricane” Hayes. Citigroup was joined by RAN, which was one of the reputable financial institutions of the world in 2000. Around 82% of the biodiversity of the world and 7% of the earth’s surface were covered by it.

This indicated that rainforests’ destructions must be punished. As these animals are losing their homes. Most of the species are becoming extinct. Animals are crossing due to this evolution amongst savanna and rainforest gradient. Savanna’s life is being adopted by some animals due to the survival of the fittest.

Secondly, climate change is being influenced by deforestation. Erosion, landslides, and runoffs are taking place. A huge number of trees are cutting down. The biodiversity and mother earth is being lost. By burning and cutting down trees, we are already putting a lot of heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the air. Around 10% of the global warming pollution of the world is accounted for by tropical deforestation. There are a lot of reasons why rainforests destructions must be punished and why nations must invest in initiatives of forest protection.

Some of the key reasons are addressing shows of deforestation. The emissions of global warming must be reduced all around the world. Multiple challenges also can be addressed by stopping deforestation. Millions of animal species and plants can be protected by preserving tropical forests.

As many of them have been quite invaluable to human medicine that is in danger of extinction and indigenous to tropical forests. Also by regulating regional rainfall, the drought and floods can be prevented by keeping forests intact. And because various forest and indigenous individuals depend on tropical forests for their livelihoods, thereby resources required for sustainable development can be provided by making significant investments in decreasing deforestation.