Sapphire introduces recycled seed bags to help control pollution, becoming the first fashion brand in Pakistan to take a step. The bag was introduced on the occasion of Independence Day to contribute to a prevailing problem in Pakistan, and to highlight the ‘’Going Green” stance the company has taken.

The announcement of the ‘Seed Bags’ was led by Manghi Communication Solution and Sapphire’s creative team who formed the idea with the help of one of the creative directors in South Africa.

Manghi Communication Solution talked about the imitative saying, “After oil and gas globally, fashion retail is the second-largest plastic polluter. Therefore, rather than shy away from this glaring fact, we wanted to be honest in addressing it. We wanted to demonstrate that being green can be good for business too.”

Sapphire’s eco-friendly seed bags are made out of recycled cotton waste collected from the textile industry. The bags are embedded with mix seeds which include marigold, amaranth, and China asther. According to MCS, the reason for selecting these seeds because they are robust, do not need much handling and can grow in any climates.

The seed bags have instructions written on them as to how the bags can be sewn into the soil. The bags come in one size and is set to be sold on August 14 with any purchase at Sapphire. Sapphire’s contribution towards controlling the growing pollution issue has received a lot of appreciation across Pakistan.

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Manghi state that this is just a small step and does not solve the greater issue stating, “This was a test-run, which has worked well enough; we are considering the modalities of doing this over a long-term.”

It’s amazing to see that clothing brands are starting to contribute to the issue of pollution. It’s about time other brands follow an eco-friendly stance to help protect Pakistan and its people from the increasing issue of pollution; especially the use of plastic bags. Keep Pakistan green and clean.