A statement released by epidemic expert confirms that all the panic surrounding the coronavirus of Wuhan is misplaced. Experts claim that people must be more worried about the common flu than coronavirus.

The world is fighting one of its greatest battle declared by WHO (World Health Organization). During the week ended on 18th January, around 6.7% deaths in the United States were attributed to influenza and pneumonia. So far, the infirm and the aged have been affected largely by 2019-nCov (Coronavirus of 2019). Experts have also claimed that it is not lethal as it has been posed.

Coronavirus must be perceived as the cause of panic according to the epidemic experts and researchers at the Oslo Metropolitan University. The Coronavirus appear to influence old age people the most that may already be suffering from underlying diseases. It also has been claimed by the Chinese and British researchers that Wuhan coronavirus was responsible for 39 out of 41 deaths. Most of the people who died were mostly above the age of fifty. However, this is not different vastly from the flue that has taken the most lives of senior citizens.

In China, the major reason behind the unprecedented lockdown of over fifty million people is nCov-2019. In contrast to this, during the 2017-2018 season of influenza, around 83% of deaths incurred in the United States. Most of the people who suffered from it were in the age group of 65+. This shows that influenza is most dangerous than nCov-2019. Experts also claim that huge amount of people is more likely to be killed by flue than from Wuhan Coronavirus. Coronavirus has also been expected to be a blip on the horizon.