American rapper Kash Doll drew criticism after posting a racist meme based on the coronavirus and Disney princesses with Disney princess Mulan making another xenophobic joke sparked by fears of coronavirus. Kash Doll posted two images to her Instagram which was been deleted later.

The first one was a selfie on her Instagram story, in which she was wearing a face mask, while the second was an Instagram post a photograph of several Disney princesses wearing face masks, except Mulan. With the text: “Sorry ‘MULAN’ but you never know,” while the post was captioned: “like in the airport.”

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Twitter users were quick to point out how insensitive and racist the meme is.

Rapper Kash Doll has put up an Instagram story: “When your heart is pure.. u can sleep at night knowing you never had any bad intentions.”

Sadly, the fear of coronavirus has led to many xenophobic and insensitive comment against Asians. Furthermore, in the UK a Singaporean student was beaten up and told “I don’t want your coronavirus in my country” by the attacker.