Pubg Mobile 0.16.0 Update

December means it’s time for another monthly update of PUBG Mobile. Now that PUBG Mobile’s 0.16.0 patch is here, you might wonder exactly what this update brings with it.Okay, first off, there’s a new Rage Gear Evo Ground mode, and it brings a new Evo Ground Load out feature with it. Players can also look forward to finding some new Classic modes like Snow Paradise. There are, of course, many more updates that come with today’s update, so if you want to see the full change log, keep reading.

As planned, the patch for PUBG Mobile this month brings with it a bunch of new features and updates, and thankfully the patch notes are live on the official website of PUBG Mobile, so we can pore through the important pieces. The most prominent change is the upcoming EvoGround mode called RageGear, where players will be split into two teams to be randomly assigned as either a driver or a gunman. The aim of this mode is to destroy your opponent’s vehicle before it destroys yours. In addition to the new EvoGround mode, there are also a few new Classic modes in the mix, such as Snow Paradise and two Healing modes. Additionally, weapons have been rebalanced for Classic mode, and a new backpack accessory, plus a new spectator tier and friendly fire restrictions are also available. If you want to read the full changelog of the Play Store, We’ve pasted it below:

#1 Battle Royale mobile game! Winter Festival & RageGear!
What’s New
The new Snow Paradise mode
When playing Erangel in Classic mode, players have a chance to enter Snow Paradise,
where they can ride cable cars and try out freestyle snowboarding!
High Speed Combat
In teams of 2, players can enjoy high-speed combat while driving around!
Perspective Switching
Players can now switch from TPP to FPP while in Classic mode, Arcade mode and the Training Grounds.

As you can see, PUBG Mobile’s 0.16.0 patch provides a solid list of changes. While it’s no surprise to see these types of changes and updates launched on a monthly schedule, it’s always nice to know that PUBG Mobile will do new things every month. Suitable for the holiday season is the new Classic Snow Paradise mode, and the new EvoGround mode should supply hours of fun as players race in cars trying to get away from each other. Thanks for reading, have a good day!