A joint session of parliament was summoned by President Arif Alvi to discuss the Kashmir issue after India revoked articles 35A and 370, which once granted India administered Kashmiris special status.

Asad Qaiser the National Assembly Speaker delayed the discussion for 20 minutes after the opposition a disturbance in the parliament. The delay was due to the protest from opposition lawmakers who stated that the agenda of the day did not highlight Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. The protest continued even after Asad Qaiser assured that the articles will be discussed.

While referring to India’s “illegal actions” in Kashmir PM Imran Khan said, “They have violated all international and national law for their ideology.” He said the session is for Pakistan and for Kashmiris. He said, “It is important for the whole world. The repercussions of India’s decision will affect everyone in the world.”

PM Imran Khan said that when his party was elected his main concern was to solve the issue of poverty and inflation. In order to do this, it was important to make good relations with the neighboring countries. He explained how bad relations between the countries can affect the growth of Pakistan.

“I spoke to all our neighbors and even told India that if they take one step ahead in friendship [with Pakistan], we will take two steps ahead. I also approached Afghanistan and requested them to forget the bitter past,” he said.

Furthermore, explaining that his trip to the US was to settle the ties between the US and Pakistan and to get steadiness in Pakistan. “I want Pakistan to progress; to increase its growth rate; to bring investment in the country. When I talked to Modi, he expressed his reservation that Pakistan has training camps. I explained to him that in 2014 when the APS attack happened, all political parties were on the same page and signed the National Action Plan,” he said.

Imran Khan’s continues efforts and no response from India made it obvious for him that India was not interested. “Then Pulwama happened. We tried our best to explain to India that Pakistan had nothing to do with the Pulwama attack, but we realized later that [blaming Pakistan] it was all their political agenda for petty politics and to divert people from their barbaric acts in Kashmir,” he said.

He said that India wanted an anti-Pakistan sentiment to triumph and created “war hysteria in their country”. “Even then, we returned their pilot in return,” said the PM.

Adding that “When I met Trump, I requested him to play his part on the Kashmir issue in good faith, but what India did yesterday was in the manifesto of their elections,”

The PM stated that India’s BJP’s ideology is founded on “RSS”. Their ideology is to decline the population of Muslims. Moreover, PM Khan mentions how Quaid-e-Azam’s ideology focused on Hindu-Muslim unity. “He [Jinnah] wanted freedom from the British. He then feared that Muslims will be stuck under the burden of the Hindu Raj. Quaid-e-Azam’s ideology was also from Riasat-e-Madinah: that we all are equal,” he said. He said Quaid-e-Azam’s 11 August 1947 speech focused on equality.

The decision to divide the state into two territories Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh came after India forced Kashmir into a complete lockdown. Kashmiri’s have no internet access, mobile phone service, and many senior leaders are under house arrest. India has also deployed thousands of troops to Kashmir.

Eleven Kashmiris were killed on Pakistan-administered Kashmir after Indian forces used cluster ammunition targeting civilians along the Line of Control. Pakistan has also released picture and video evidence of the bombs in civilian settlements. The United Nations have also visited the bomb sites.