After US President calls Canadian Prime Minister “two-faced,” he revealed on December 4, 2019, that the world leaders including him were speaking about Donald Trump in the 25-second video recorded at the Buckingham Palace gathering.

The viral 25-second clip shows Mark Rutte Dutch Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron the French President, Boris Johnson British Prime Minister, and Trudeau claiming to have joked at the US president’s behavior during the meeting.

During a press conference on Wednesday Trudeau said “Last night I made reference to the fact that there was an unscheduled press conference before my meeting with President Trump. I was happy to be part of it but it was certainly notable,”

Trudeau said he was not worried about his remarks affecting United States-Canadian alliance, but Donald Trump angrily responded, accusing Prime Minister Trudeau to be “two-faced,” and then saying, “Honestly with Trudeau, he’s a nice guy.”

In the 25 second video reported by CBC starts with Boris Johnson asking Emmanuel Macron the reason for him being late.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, “Is that why you were late?”

French President Emmanuel nodded to which the Canadian Prime Minister responded, “He was late because he takes a … 40-minute press conference at the top.”

Furthermore, the leaders never took Trump’s name in the video.

Trudeau continues, “You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor,”

US President is “bothered” and “annoyed” by the 25-second clip, but feels that they can sort it out, according to a source that spoke to him. The source state that the footage was not the reason why Donald Trump canceled his press conference.