Since revealing that she would release two tracks from her upcoming third album one of which is a collaboration with BTS SUGA (Min Yoongi) ARMY around the world was hyped about it. Finally! On 5th December the emotional song featuring Suga titled “SUGA’s Interlude” was released, and we are loving it!

Along with Halsey’s vocal and Suga’s rapping skills, the music is beautiful. I just cannot get enough of it. The song was written by Yoongi, Halsey, and Lido, and the words instantly captivated ARMY. The song is about Yoongi and Halsey’s experience of trying to chase their dreams and the hurdles that they faced while doing so.

Halsey starts of the song,
“I’ve been trying all my life
To separate the time
In between the having it all
And giving it up, yeah”

SUGA starts his rap in Korean, according to the translation by
“Ayy, this wandering, with only blueness inside my head
Self-loathing and pride live in my heart
I was full of dreams, then I grew and made all of it come true
Yet keeping dreams as dreams would be better
I thought, while living at the same time
May my leap not be a fall
Your convictions, efforts, faith, and greed
It is not of ugliness, I believe it, ayy
The dawn before sunrise is darker than anything
But never forget the stars you hope for only appear in the dark”

In the two emotional versus Yoongi, he talks about the success, the pressure he faced, and his persona. After the song was released, ARMY expressed their reaction on Twitter by trending the hashtag #SUGAsInterlude and #HalseyXSUGA which trended worldwide.

ARMY did not fail to notice the complexities in the lyrics. They noticed the reference of “Tomorrow” in Yoongi’s verses. He used the iconic lyrics ‘the dawn before sunrise is the darkest, but don’t forget that the stars you’ve been wanting only come out in the dark’ from BTS song Tomorrow.

What hit the ARMY’s hard was the credits which listed Suga as producer and Yoongi as a lyricist. As we all know Suga always says his iconic “Suga” (Am I the only one who can hear SUGA while reading this?) but in this song he did not. Why? Because this song speaks about Min Yoongi and his journey not SUGA’s. This song is about Yoongi, not SUGA. It’s about Yoongi and his struggles as an idol.

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