Global and K-pop sensation BTS (Bangtan Boys) Bring The Soul movie is all set to be released on 7th August 2019. This could have not been possible without the campaign launched by the band’s biggest supporters, “Army”. Pakistani Army’s took to Twitter and started a campaign for the movie to be launched in Pakistan and all their efforts paid off.

The power of this fandom!

The tickets are already sold out at Cinepax.

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Nueplex and Atrium Cinema are also screening the movie.

However, the movie was dropped by the Cinepax located in Faisalabad. Many Army residing in Faisalabad were not happy about the cinema’s decision as they were waiting for a long time for the movie.

This is the first time a Korean movie is played in Pakistan. BTS are out there connecting people together through their work. Not many people are happy about the cinema releasing a Korean movie, especially about a boyband. Many took upon themselves to leave racist and hateful comments regarding the boy’s appearance and culture. Everyone has the right to like what ever type of movie or music they want to listen to. Rather than bullying each other, it is better to respect each other.

Here is the Movie Trailer: