Danielle Cohn’s father Dustin Cohn has made a YouTube channel on which he posted three videos discussing about his daughter. In one of the descriptions of one of his video titled “I’m over it” he writes:

“I’m over it! You wanna threaten my wife and family and make false claims and try to scare her, let’s talk about how Danielle’s manager threatens my wife because you lie about my daughter’s age and exploit her online. It’s time for the real truth about the entire family.”

He also showed Danielle’s birth certificate, proving that she is 14 years old and not 16. After confirming the birth certificate, he says that his mother had been receiving multiple calls from members from Danielle’s mom’s side screaming at her and leaving unsettling messages because she told the truth about Danielle’s age.

Danielle’s mom, Jennifer, saw this video and commented, “Your delusional. Stop this act.” Danielle also reposted a video on her social of her uncle mocking Dustin. Danielle also posted on her Instagram story that she will be making a response video.

In her response video “THE TRUTH ABOUT MY DAD” in which she had a lot to say. She also claims that on Halloween night, they came back home and found all their stuff on the grass and that her father kicked them out. She also claimed that she tried to contact her dad and start a relationship with him, and he replied saying he did not want to because of all the drama that happened with her mom.

Furthermore, she also talked about issues she was facing with people calling up the cops on them. Plus Danielle also got her brother Chad to talk about their dad in the video. Both of them spoke about how Dustin Cohn was never a good father figure and was always indulged in criminal activities.

To defend himself, Dustin made two more videos. He also addressed the kicking out incident claiming that he never kicked the kids out and that Danielle’s mother was aware of him dating different women.