The United States has been accused by the government of China of creating panic in its response to the dangerous epidemic of the coronavirus. It was followed by the decision declared by the United States to the public health emergency. Foreign nationals were denied entry who had visited China in the past 2 weeks. In China, around 17,000 cases were confirmed. Around 361 individuals have passed away due to the outbreak. Moreover, there were around 150 cases reported of the coronavirus outside China followed by one death reported in the Philippines.

Followed by a dry cough, symptoms and severe acute respiratory infection are caused along with a fever by coronavirus. A recent study by a virologist of China claimed that a pneumonia epidemic linked with the coronavirus had started likely in bats. The epidemic took its toll on shares of China when markets got reopened. Around 8% decline was nearly closed by the Shanghai Composite Index. In the past more than 4 years, it was recorded as one of the biggest decline.

Further the departure of all non-emergency personnel of the United States was ordered by the United States along with their family members belonging from Wuhan – the city from where the coronavirus got started. Along with this, the voluntary departure of non-emergency relatives and personnel of the government employees of the United States were allowed from China. It was declared by the WHO – World Health Organization that an international health emergency over the new coronavirus has emerged. Following this, the departure of all personnel family members of the United States was ordered under the age of twenty-one in China. Along with this, any citizens of the United States who has been residing in Wuhan was announced to be subjected to quarantine of 14 days upon returning to the United States.