Spoiler Alert

Sijie in the story “Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress” describes the theme of love in a beautiful manner and greater depictions. The narrator of the story discovers; love, desires, passion, action, and influence of nature to show it as a love story. This story was written when in Chinese culture teenagers boys have faced studying down of universities and spreading negativities in the environment. It reaches success due to the inspiring theme and cinematographic techniques used to express the theme of the story.

Love factor engages listeners with the wondering situation and magic of art represented in the story. A love story indeed has been shown in the ‘Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress’ film. During the‘re-education’, camps of the Maoist of the 1970s, an off-beat love story has been presented.

In the story, two boys Luo and Ma fall in love with a young woman to whom they were receiving education at the village. The beginning of the story shows love blooms in between Luo and tailors’ daughter but when they separated Ma felt the same for her. It eventually is a love triangle, Luo and the Little Seamstress love each other and are intimidate towards one another. It can be seen that Seamstress aware of Luo’s love whereas Ma loves the Little Seamstress secretly and she is unaware of his love.

The narrator describes the theme of love in a story when seamstress arrives with the appearance of beautiful eyes and wearing jewelry. Love story depicted with greater cinematography techniques that lead to an imaginary world. The cinematographic techniques and images used in the film are rich no doubt without being overwhelming or apparently artificial. It also reflects upon rhythms that are never boring, thoughtful, gentle, and focused. Moreover, it provides an ageless story of love and also of art, politics, change, and friendship. It is everything almost, i.e., social, personal, and history, but is more about love and about the imaginations and feelings of being aware and alive.

Although Luo loves the little Seamstress, he is patronizing towards her. As, he believes that in comparison to him, she is less intelligent and uncultured. One of the cinematographic techniques used that enhances the true love story of the movie is the scene where Ma imagines as if the Little Seamstress is not carrying Luo’s child but his child. In addition, not Luo but He is making love to the Little Seamstress in the limpid water of the secret pool and under the majestic Ginkgo tree.

Ma expresses how deeply he is moved by the Little Seamstress and how he considers her as his soul mate and is willing to take care of her throughout the entire life and spend the rest of his life with her. He even prefers to die as a bachelor if that can provide any help to the Little Seamstress.