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On August 9, BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) has released a new single titled “Winter Bear” and it’s beautiful.  The song was unveiled to us by Kim Taehyung on BTS’s Twitter account.


The retro music video features English Lyrics directed by V and written with the help of RM (Kim Namjoon BTS Leader). The music video and song compliment each other giving a nostalgic feeling.

The music video was recorded during BTS’s previous tour across the United States and Europe. In the video, you can see beautiful shots of scenic landscape, adorable animals, and splendid architecture. Moreover, you can also see TaeTae exploring cities like London, Paris, L.A, and New York with the help of his own cameras.

The song was released when ARMYs were celebrating the 1000th day anniversary since Tae introduced the now popular term “I purple you” with #IPurpleYou1000. Within minutes of the release of the track ARMYs all around the world made #WinterBear trending along with #IPurpleYou1000 and Kim Taehyung.

On 10 August 2019, during BTS Member Park Jimin’s Vlive you can see Jimin and Jhope (Jung Hoseok) singing along to Tae’s Winter Bear. Jimin has also posted about Taehyung’s song. “Say hello to me” referring to Tae’s “Winter Bear” Lyrics and #Babybear referring to Tae.

In Jimin’s Vlive Tae (V) also made an appearance. V mentions that a scene from the movie “About Time” inspired him to write the song. The scene in the movie was of the male lead Tim Lake played by Domhnall Gleeson proposing to his girlfriend Mary (Rachel McAdams) while she was sleeping.

If you watch the movie or have watched the movie “About Time” you would relate and understand the meaning behind the song. The theme of the movie revolves around time traveling and how every moment is important and sometimes cannot be meddled with. Sometimes we have to let go of the ones we have lost in order to move on. (Honestly, this movie is beautiful you should watch it.)

The Lyrics

She looks like a blue parrot
Would you come fly to me?
I want some good day, good day, good day
Good day, good day.
Looks like a winter bear
You sleep so happily
I wish you a good night, good night, good night…
Good night, good night
Imagine your face
Say hello to me
Then all the bad days
They’re nothing to me
With you ~~~~
Winter bear
Ooh, ooh, ooh ~~
Sleep like a winter bear
Ooh, ooh, ooh ~~
Sleep like a winter bear

The lyrics mention “Blue Parrot” which are extinct and “Winter Bear” which hibernates during Winter. These lyrics made fans speculate that the song is for his grandmother who passed away on 3 September 2016.

Here’s the full song