Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation also known as ACF provides shelter to homeless animals. Recently the founder of the organization shared a post about how they are cyberbullied every day. She shared a few of the messages which consisted of slurs, hate speech, and violence. These were just a few messages which they received in the past 12 hours. The screenshots which Ayesha has shared had a context like men threatening to throw acid on their face, sending death threats and getting angry over woman showing ‘confident’ body languages. Furthermore, she stated “ When we say cyberbullying, this is what we mean. People are making fake accounts just to bully us and scare us. Many of them, men, who cannot see women in a position of power. And women of course who don’t have other women’s backs.”

ACF try their level best to keep their professional manner without showing the hateful messages that they receive if they refuse to take in animals or cannot reach on time. We need to understand that it is not possible for them to take in all the homeless animals, as they do not have enough space to keep them. They have a small team who are trying their level best to help every animal. It is our duty as humans to help these animals as well. We cannot blame them for the death of the animals. They are trying their level best to do all they can.

No man or woman has the right to abuse, body shame and bully anyone. Ayesha clearly mentioned in her post that she does not mean to play the victim card. “This is to share how much it messes with our head and it’s not always easy to ignore. And this is something everyone on the internet needs to consider. It is not easy to always drown out the haters and no one deserves this. Most of this hate comes because we are strong women doing this job against all odds. What does that say about us as a nation?”

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Warning: Content includes hate speech, slur, violence. Also, these are just a few of the messages they receive in the past 12 hours.

Can we please stop the hate and spread love and support instead.