A YouTuber named “sexyjefo” posted a video titled “BTS CONCERT 24 HOUR CHALLENGE  (WE Snuck In VLOG)”. In the vlog, he shows how he snuck into a BTS concert venue. Furthermore, he stole a security uniform, slept in the venue and the bathroom. However, he did not stop there, he went into the concert hall, and saw the 7 members doing their soundcheck. 

The video has since received hate and criticism. Armys (BTS fans) all around the world have shown their anger and frustration related to the video. Fans have worked together to highlight this situation to Bighit (BTS Company). This is a great concern for the 7 members, staff and fans altogether since the members have faced numerous death threats in the past. Knowing that anyone can enter the vicinity so easily is alarming for everyone’s safety.

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BTS is known to sell out shows and have massive fans gathering both inside and outside the venues, and if security is not maintained the safety of everyone in the venue would be at risk.

Since the backlash, the video has received many hate comments and dislikes. The YouTuber has taken down the video and hopefully, legal actions would be taken to prevent such a thing from happening again.