We as a whole know the dissatisfaction of tearing open a tempting sack of chips especially “Lays” or nachos or whatever and understanding the pack’s 2/3rds air. Two South Korean students simply demonstrated how void our nibble vessels are, by paddling a pontoon made of unopened potato chip packs over a stream.

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As our Kotaku partners originally announced, the understudies lashed together 160 unopened sacks of chips to make a coasting chip-pontoon sufficiently enormous to convey them two. They had the option to effectively explore their vessel over the 0.8-mile width of the Han stream in eastern Seoul, a demonstration of their pontoon building ability—and the general void of the tidbit packs they utilized.

Obviously, the measure of air inside a pack of snacks fills a need, giving some padding space to forestall the wanton breaking of fragile chips into discouraging nibble shards. Be that as it may, you can’t resist feeling bamboozled when that face-sized sack of Stankin’ Hot Chipritos winds up conveying a negligible clench hand-measured a piece of crunches.

Hello, if nothing else, presently we can truly allude to fat-loaded chip sacks as “survival sustenance.” if there should be an occurrence of crisis, they twofold as floatation gadgets!